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The Guild

3DK Render is a WAX Blockchain guild focused on the development of distributed applications for NFT management and video game development.

What We Can do For You


We periodically publish didactic articles about programming for blockchain. Visit our blog https://3dkrender.com

Game Development

We are developing Rada Quest TCG. Rada Quest TCG is a game that combines the strategy of a system of construction and generation of resources, with the trading cards games. The game is set in the genre of “sword and sorcery” and has a player-Vs-machine and a player-Vs-player system. https://radaquest.net

NFT Markets

We have created the WAX Arena gamified auction system. In WAX Arena all the bidders win. The highest bidder wins the NFT on sale and the other bidders earn commissions by being outbid. https://waxarena.net

WAX Blockchain Guild

3DK Render Guild offers public API services for free access by users and application developers over WAX Blockchain, both in mainet and testnet.

About Us

The Team

Marcos DK

Guild Lead

About Marcos DK

(Software Development HNC – 1994), computer specialist with more than 25 years of experience as a maintenance technician, developer and information technology (IT) teacher.

A fan of fantasy, illustration and writing, he has combined his skills and passions to create the game Rada Quest TCG. The development of the code and illustrations are of his own creation.

The WAX Blockchain ecosystem provides an excellent opportunity to develop all the ideas and concerns that as a computer professional and as an artist he may have.

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